My name is Deb Triffitt and I am a  Remedial Massage Therapist and Foot Health Practitioner 

I trained as a Remedial Massage Therapist in 2015, and provide primarily clinic based remedial massage, at Gaia in Carlton, for patients throughout Nottinghamshire. I also provide a relaxation massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage which is used to help with water retention, post operative swelling and many other issues. 
In 2019 I trained as a Foot Health Practitioner providing a domiciliary and clinic based service providing general and diabetic foot care. I now have a busy foot health practice working with people of all ages and dealing with issues such as callus, corns, split heels, verrucae, fungal nail disease, nail bracing etc. I am also qualified to provide Wilde Pedique nail reconstruction for those with damaged or fungal damaged nails and Onyfix nail correction for ingrown and involuting nails. 
I have Diplomas in the following treatments: 
Remedial Massage from the Midland School of Massage 
Indian Head Massage from Gateway Workshops 
Manual Lymphatic Draininage from Gateway Workshops 
Hot & Cold Stone Massage from Gateway Workshops (although I only offer this as part of remedial treatment) 
Foot Health Practice from Stonebridge Associated Colleges 
Wilde Pedique Nail Recostruction 
Onyfix Nail Correction System 
I am fully insured through Towergate Insurance. 
I am on the College Guild of Graduates Register at Stonebridge Associated Colleges (SAC) 


Remedial massage is a complementary therapy that aims to treat muscles that are damaged, knotted, tense or immobile. . 
It is useful for a number of problems that affect the muscles, tendons and bones and can address a number of other health problems.  
Remedial massage can be helpful to healing following a sports injury, or other soft tissue injuries that we may suffer from when living day-to-day, such as falling, a car accident that may cause whiplash injuries, gardening, DIY or working at a computer etc.  
Following your massage, you may be given exercises to help with your rehabilitation. 
Other massage therapies offered are Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Relaxation Massage.  

 Foot Health  

Foot Health Practitioners (FHP’s) replaced Chiropodists in the late 1990's and are trained to recognise and treat all the common conditions that affect the foot and deliver routine foot care wherever it is needed.  
They work to ensure your feet stay in a healthy condition by recognising and treating any foot conditions as well as providing advice on day to day foot care. 
Treatments range from routine nail trimming, corn removal, callus reduction, verrucae, warts and blister treatments, athletes foot, management of ingrown toenails (without invasive surgery), diabetic foot assessment and monitoring, treatment of fungal infections, and general advice and guidance on foot care and footwear.  


Sarah says: "Had the most amazing Remedial Massage by Debbie last week after months of recurring pain from a muscle I pulled in my shoulder. I was really struggling to lift my arm and was constantly having headaches from the pain it was causing in my neck. Debbie worked on every know and boy was there a lot. So many in places I didn't even realise. 
I work with babies and young children and the pain has made my job twice as hard over the last couple of months. I was tempted to go to the doctors but I am glad I didn't as 5 days later, today, I feel great. No more neck, shoulder or head pain. I wish I had gone to her sooner." 
Michelle says: "I've had 3 sessions with Deb now and I must say as a hairdresser and mum who can't just stop, the progress is amazing!! 
The pain I was in compared to now has reduced considerably and I feel more confident. With her help and exercises I can do to help myself, I'm on the right path. Thank you for all your help Deb, you've rescued me!!" 
Jane says: "Deb is my go to therapist to keep me up and running. Regular treatments, I’ve never felt better. See this lady!! She’s brilliant!!" 
Catherine says: "Really eased the intense pain in my shoulder. I would definitely go to Deb again." 
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