Foot Health  

What is a Foot Health Practitioner 

Foot Health Practitioners (FHP) are able to offer advice to clients on, and treat, common foot health problems such as bunions, corns and calluses. FHP's also cut nails, remove hard skin, treat verrucas, treat in-growing and involuted nails that are superficial and not infected, provide diabetic foot care and maintenance, and help to prevent pain when clients are moving around. Older people are especially prone to these conditions and benefit greatly from their feet being kept in good condition. 
Foot care can be provided in clinic, or as a domiciliary service in the home by arrangement. 

I provide the following foot care services: 

Neurovascular Assessment (NVA) – this is carried out on all patients with diabetes and those patients that have poor or reduced circulation and sensation in their feet and legs. Doppler testing is carried out as part of the assessment, which involves applying ultrasound gel to two areas of the foot and applying the doppler probe to the skin to listen for the pulse. This measures the amount of blood flow through the arteries and is a great diagnostic tool in identifying blocked or narrowed arteries which can lead to conditions such as stroke. Monofilament testing involves the use of a small probe with a standardized filament attached and this is pressed against various parts of the foot to check whether there is a loss of sensation, which may lead to a risk of developing foot ulcers due to the loss of protective sensation. We may also test for vibration sensation, reflexes and mobility in the feet. 
General and Diabetic Foot Care – this includes and assessment at the first appointment, where details are taken of medical history and any other relevant information required in order to provide an effective service. The service includes treatment of corns, callus, verrucae, athlete's foot, fungal nail disease, cracked or split heels, plantar fasciitis and many other foot related issues.  
Wilde Pedique Nail Reconstruction – this is a specialist gel that can be used to replace fungal or damaged toe nails and looks much like a normal nail. 
Nail Bracing – this is a small plastic bar which is placed on a involuted or ingrowing nail and aims to pull the nail into a straighter position, preventing the pain felt in the big toes and it only available for the big toe. 
Onyfix – The Onyfix nail correction system is a versatile and innovative product that enables completely painless treatment of almost all forms of involuted and ingrown toenails. We adapt the system individually and fix it to your nail, which is then brought back into its natural shape as it grows. The whole process is pain-free, during application and throughout the entire treatment! For more information visit 

General Foot Health 1st Appointment - up to 60 minutes 

Consultion and assessment of foot and foot health, followed by clipping of nails and treatment of any issues, such as callous, corns etc. 
Costs: Initial appointment - up to 60 minutes £33 
Domiciliary (home) visits by arrangement - up to 60 minutes £38 

General Foot Health Follow-up Appointment - up to 45 minutes 

Assessment and treatment of the foot and any ongoing issues that may have presented at previous appointments. 
Cost: Follow-up appointments - up to 45 minutes £33 
Domiciliary (home) visits by arrangement - up to 60 minutes £38 

Wilde Pedique Nail Reconstruction - 30 to 90 minutes 

Nail reconstruction is a great way to get beautiful toenails following damage or injury. Yellowing fungal damaged nails can be treated much in the same way as gel nails for fingers, to provide strong, beautiful nails that can be painted afterwards, or left looking healthy and natural. 
Costs: 1st hallux (big toe) - £40.00 
2nd hallux (if done at the same time) - £20.00 
Each smaller toe (if done at the same time) - £10.00 
Domiciliary (home) appointment - £20.00 additional to the costs above  
Cost for children's treatments on request 
**These prices DO NOT include general foot care treatment, and it is highly advised to have a foot care appointment prior to reconstruction of any nails. 

Diabetic Foot Health - up to 60 mins 

A very important part of a diabetics routine should be assessment of the feet to prevent diabetic neuropothy (dying of the nerves). It is equally important to have a qualified podiatrist or foot health practitioner cut nails and treat feet, as any issues that are left untreated could have significant implications to the health of the patient, such as gangrene and potentially amputation of toes. Follow up appointments will normally be up to 45 minutes. 
Costs: Initial appointment - up to 60 minutes £33 
Follow-up appointments - up to 45 minutes £33 
Domiciliary (home) visits by arrangement - up to 60 minutes £38 

Onyfix Nail Correction System 

This process can help to straighten ingrowing or involuting nails, repair nail splits and act as a reconstruction for damaged nails. The process is pain free and non-invasive so suitable for adults, children and diabetics. This treatment is only available in clinic at present. 
Costs: Adult hallux (big toe) - £40.00 
2nd hallux (if done at the same time) - £20 
Each smaller toe (if done at the same time) - £15 
Child's hallux - £25 
2nd child's hallux (if done at the same time) - £10 

Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Legs and Feet 

Can help with relieving oedema (swelling) in the legs, ankles and feet, can provide greater flexibility in the foot and ankle, and provide relief from plantar fasciitis. Please get in touch if you require more information. 


Call on 078 373 836 78 to book an appointment or discuss your requirements. 
Home visits available by arrangement. 
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